TODAY... I WALKED 2.12 MILES!  I can't believe I did it, but I did!   I'm 3 weeks & a few days out of radiation.  Pre-Cancer I was walking 5+ miles a day.  Two weeks ago I walked around the block and was exhausted.  Last week I walked around two blocks again and was tired, but was proud of myself for getting out and walking.  Yesterday I took a chance and went down to the river with my friend.  We were just going to walk a 1/2 mile, but ended up walking a whole mile.  Today I really surprised myself!  Just wish this pain in my A$$ would go away.  But Yee Haw!  Of course, I walked MUCH slower than my normal pace, but Recovery here I come!

Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
Annabelle, Sandy sent you a hug.
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That’s wonderful - one step at a time!
Great for you. This is a good way to build confidence and to get your health back.

With the weather breaking I'm hoping to get out more myself.
That sounds great! Way to go, Wendy!
Wow, good for you! Any activity produced a BM for the longest time with me, so I had to quit for a while. You are doing awesome!
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Love it 🙌🏼! You’re healing very well, all things considered. Congrats!
Yay! You’re doing exactly what you should do, and it will pay off in the end (no pun/pun intended).Good for you! It is hard at first and gets very slowly better. Keep it up my friend!
You go girl; but do pace yourself, and don't hesitate to rest. You are doing really well!
Do you go down through Lowell, or are you up north. I love to walk (slowly that park below Lowell)
I haven't gone all winter, as I'm helping my sister; who is a couple months through treatment for lymphoma (and a broken leg).
But, I am eventually going to sell my house and move north, maybe around Lowell/Everett or Snohomish. I love it up there.
Here's to continued improvement!
Hugs E
We walk the Lowell Riverfront Trail, down by Rotary Park. You can get almost 5 miles out of the whole trail. Plus, it's a beautiful walk with the bird chirping, frogs croaking, eagles & geese flying overhead. If you move up here maybe you can walk with us. I'm also a real estate broker if you need help selling your current home or buying a new one. Actually listed and sold a house while going through this terrible treatment. I don't know how I did it, but I did! LOL
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That’s awesome!! Way to go!!!
Fantastic! Exercise was one thing I really missed not being able to do during treatment and I was so glad when I could get back into it. You go girl!
Hi Wendy, that's just wonderful and don't you feel so good that you managed the longer walk! I did the same to get back into shape, walked a little way at first and built up the time slowly. Everything goes slowly at first, your body needs to have time to recover from the awful but necessary treatment. Recovery on the way!
Yay!! Such good news. Be gentle to yourself. Your body will let you know when to rest. Meantime, keep on being active.
Hi fellow Washingtonian! I live in Issaquah but was raised in Everett and had a home at one time in Lake Stevens. Nice to meet someone so close to home, if you ever need to talk or whatever...I’m here. I’m 8 years post treatment and still deal with “life after cancer” so if I can help in any way I would love to!
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Happy Dance 💃
That’s great! I was able to take a short backpack trip about 3 months after treatment. Unfortunately at 4 months out my sacrum started breaking. I’m now 11 1/2 months out and still not healed enough to hike more than 1 1/2 miles. But at least I’m no longer using a walker! Keep up the good recovery but be gentle on your body. There’s a lot of healing still going on for a long tome!
What an accomplishment! Congratulations but don’t forget to take time to heal. It’s hard to stop and smell the roses but it helps!
Congratulations! Just walking to the mailbox was exhausting. I’m up to a mile, but I’ve learned to pace myself otherwise I end up exhausted the next day.
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