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I was diagnosed with Anal Cancer on 12/2/18 and my life has been a whirlwind since the second they said I had cancer.  I was all of a sudden set up with a surgeon, a Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, CT Scans, PET Scans, a Port installed, Blood Work, etc.  I sat in front of the computer and did some research and watched YouTube videos prior to starting the treatment of people who have survived this terrible disease. I was in great shape prior to this diagnosis, walking 4-5 miles a day, so I figured I'd make it through the chemo and 33 radiation treatments and be back to normal in no time.  I started radiation on 1/2/19 with my husband by my side, who I felt so sorry for having to put up with my screaming pain, constant moaning and non-stop crying.   My sister would call and bug me to  talk to a gal who had gone through this. She likes going to meetings sharing her feelings with people.  I'm not one to reach out. I'm tough. I just do what I've got to do, get through it and go on with life.  It's now been 3 weeks since my last radiation treatment.  I'm still in quite a bit of pain and have been feeling like I'm a wimp.  This has gone on long enough and I should be back to normal by now.  So I've been pushing myself.  Then... I got a call from my sister's friend...  I was surprised how much better I felt talking to someone who has been through this. Just sharing how painful it is to go poop!  She made me feel so much better about myself and what I'm going through, and told me to give myself permission to heal and sleep as much as my body wants to sleep.  She also told me about this site.  After we hung up, I joined the site. I've never been on a blog site before so I friended a few peeps, I guess that's what I'm supposed to do.... then I went to bed and have been sleeping most of the weekend. 

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Jeanie threw a punch at your cancer.
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Your friends here will help you get through this! It's a wonderful help. I will point you to my website,, which has a wide range of links for information about, among other things, post-treatment life (with ideas from BFAC friends) and some jokes and recipes! I hope you find something useful. And life WILL get better!!!
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Awww, I'm sorry you went through that alone, and glad you joined us. We all are anxious to recover immediately post treatment, and so is the rest of the world, apparently. Doesn't quite work that way, but once the pain is gone, (should be SOON!), your outlook will improve, I promise! We are here any time, day or night, because we are scattered in all the time zones, so don't ever be lonely. Welcome to the greatest support group ever, thanks to Jill, the founder! XX
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Hi Wendy and welcome to BFAC. I am so sorry you had to go through this treatment but it's over and you WILL recover! I'm glad your new friend who contacted you convinced you to join this group. There are so many of us who have been through the same treatment and we are here to support you and answer your questions, based on our own experiences. Recovery can take awhile, but as you get further along, you will notice improvement, some big, some small--celebrate all of them! I was diagnosed in 2008 at age 54 and was in great physical condition at the time (or so I thought!). Like you, I was in complete shock. That now seems so long ago. I never thought I'd be the same again, but found out that I could do everything I did before cancer and more! So, hang in there through the rough days because better days are ahead! Come here for support and answers when you need them--we are all here for you! Take good care!
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Hi Wendy - I’m so sorry you had to go though this, but glad you found this site. Like you, I thought I would power through treatment and didn’t know anyone else who had been through it. I didn’t handle the chemo or radiation very well and was hospitalized for ten days with an abdominal infection. I didn’t find blog for a cure until nearly two months after treatment ended and I was so happy that I did! The support here is amazing and the commiserating over shared experiences and advice is wonderful. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything - someone here has probably experienced the same aide effect or feeling and can help you though it. It took a full year for me to get my energy back - my oncologist gave me good advice and said not to focus on what I couldn’t do, but to look back at the month before and see how much I had improved since then. I’m over three years out and still have a few long term effects, but overall doing well and thankful for that. Hang in there - you will get better!
Welcome from Phoenix. So glad you found us.
Hi Wendy!! So glad you did finally find us! Such a tough time in your life! I promise it gets better with won't come out unscathed to be sure but life will return to normal and now that I am at my 5 year mark and got the "all clear" I can truly say that cancer isn't on my mind nearly as much...I go days with out thinking about it anymore. We are here for you and there is such a wealth of knowledge from those that have been down this road it will be a real blessing to you I am sure!
Take care!!
You are on a wonderful site to help discussing things you never thought you would be sharing. It is a compassionate group of caring individuals who have been there.
Wendy, this is a great site with so many compassionate and helpful people who are always happy to help! I am not very far ahead of you, just 5 weeks post treatment, and have felt so blessed with the knowledge and support this site has provided. I am sorry you didn't find us sooner, but so happy to welcome you into the fold. -big hug-!
I'm glad you found us, Wendy. So sorry you've had such a tough time, but you'll soon be getting better and better and quicker, too. It is a brutal treatment but effective. Give yourself time to heal.

I was diagnosed with AC Feb 2011 with stage 3B and I'm still here, as are many others. I hope you'll find it's helpful to share the high and the lows on this site and to get answers if something troubles you. Get better!
I'm so glad u reached out. Like u, I am very much a loner not wanting to burden anyone with my problems and it took me alot to reach out to this site and I am so glad I did. This type of cancer is unique in that despite the high 5 year survival rates, survivors live with long lasting problems. U are still just completed treatment. I felt terrible and in pain for 4 to 5 months. Just starting to feel normal now except for weird types of pain all over. Please do continue to post so we all can learn from u as well. Stay strong ok Wendy? U will be recovering soon enough
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Blood in poo for a couple of years. Assumed it was hemorrhoids. Didn't want to deal with it as I had surgery for that years ago and spent a week in the hospital. Very painful recovery. When the blood started squirting out before pee or poo... I figured there was a problem.


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